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Our well-experienced team at FirePro Engineering is dedicated to helping you secure your properties from fire accidents. We leverage our knowledge and skills to provide the services you need.

Our Solutions

In addition to our specialty products, we offer the following services:


Our wide range of fire safety engineering services includes:

  • Project Management Assistance - APS / APD / DCE
  • Coordination of Fire Safety Systems
  • Preparation for the Visit of the Safety Committee
  • Assistance in Setting Up Your Fire Safety Organization
  • Technical Advice and Audit
  • Fire Compliance
  • Security Risk Management
  • ERP / IGH Fire Safety Organization Diagram
  • Assistance With Prevention Plans
  • Development of Internal Operation Plans
  • ATEX Study
  • Development of Calculation Notes



FirePro Engineering is the leading company when it comes to the installation of the following systems:

  • Extinguishing With Ecological Aerosol
  • Fire Detection
  • Water-Based Extinguishing
  • Verification and Maintenance
  • Water Mist Extinction
  • Refill Bottles
  • Extinguishing by Clean Agent



We hold real exercises and simulations on:

  • Fire
  • Confined Space
  • Evacuation Techniques
  • First Aid
  • Awareness of Special Risks
  • Chemical Risk Management
  • NFPA Codes and Standards
  • Fire Safety Systems Engineering
  • Emergency Management
  • Management of Explosive Atmospheres



Rely on our team to maintain your fire protection systems. From sprinkler systems to gas detection devices, we’ve got you covered.


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