A Wide Range of Dependable Fire Prevention Systems

FirePro Engineering is one of the leading companies in the fire protection products industry. Our safety systems will surely protect you from various accidents that may happen.

Our Products

Listed below are a variety of fire prevention solutions that would suit any of your needs.



Make sure you are equipped with the must-have tools in first-aid firefighting. We offer top-quality extinguishers that can help you contain fire and prevent costly damage.

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Get your fire protection system back to its optimal condition even after a machine or component breakdown. Our company carries a large inventory of replacement parts for various fire suppression devices.



Put out fire effectively with first-rate extinguishing agents. We provide you with a variety of products that can support your equipment in suppressing fire.



Ideal for manual firefighting, this quick response equipment can help you protect your personnel and business space during fire disaster. We supply a broad range of robust and powerful fire hose reels to meet your specific needs.


Fire-Resistant Doors

Toughen your passive fire protection system by upgrading your regular doors to fireproof ones. It is key to preventing the spread and smoke in your entire property.


Various Products

Whatever fire protection tools you are looking for, we have them in stock for you. We carry a diverse selection of equipment that can improve your fire safety.



Protect lives and assets against fire with our expertly engineered systems. They are composed of built-it components that can detect fires in their earliest stages.



Rely on us for high-quality fire pumps that can quickly douse fires before they spread. Whether for transportable or stationary use, we have you covered.



Move safely during a power outage with the help of our lighting systems. These are used to light up exit signs so that you and responders can move safely during a fire emergency.

Breathing Apparatus for Firefighters-1

Breathing Apparatus for Firefighters

Responders can avoid life-threatening health complications caused during fire by having a breathable air supply. We offer products that prevent them from inhaling smoke, chemicals, and other harmful substances during on-site rescue operations.


Protection and Intervention Equipment

Equip your residential or commercial space with devices and accessories that you can use for your ‘first attack’ firefighting measure. We have a variety of high-quality products which you can use to kill flames before the fire service arrives.

Rescue and Refuge System

Rescue and Refuge System

Keep building occupants safe from the dangers of fire through systematic evacuation and assistance. Our reliable two-way communication system allows first responders to assist individuals on what to do in an actual fire.

Fire Intervention Service Vehicles and Trucks-1

Fire Intervention Service Vehicles and Trucks

Save more people and properties during fire accidents through reliable firefighting vehicles. We offer automobiles with rapid acceleration and powerful equipment, enabling quicker response during emergencies.


Equipment for ATEX Environments

Ensure your workers’ safety from the risk of explosion and injury in dangerous environments like industrial plants and oil mines. With us, you can get products that protect them from combustible gases and other harmful chemicals present in a potentially explosive workplace atmosphere.

Training Simulators-1

Training Simulators

Learn the best possible preparation for possible fire incidents. Our systems are designed to replicate actual conditions during a fire so that you can practice appropriate emergency measures in case of a real one.

Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems

Prevent the start of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning caused hazardous gases inside your home or business establishment. We offer different gadgets like portable gas detectors that identify the presence of a gas leak. We also install fixed monitors in large industry facilities to measure gas concentrations and alert workers about toxic gas exposure.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

By installing these into your house or workplace, you can avoid the tragedy of losing lives and properties from fire. Our sprinklers are based on automatic suppression, making them a cost-effective solution to your fire prevention needs.

Fire Detection Sytems1

Fire Detection Systems

Be notified about a possible fire outbreak inside your property before it actually happens. Our systems are designed to discover fires early in their development. These also come with alarms that will alert you in such cases so you and other occupants can have ample time to evacuate safely.

Industries We Serve

Our products are perfect to use in any kind of business and establishment. In our more than 17 years of servicing clients in Morocco, we have sold a lot of products to diverse clients. The following are the industries that we cater to.

  • Industrial
  • Air
  • Railroad
  • Maritime
  • Commercial
  • Telecom
  • Mining
  • Electric

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